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Loading capacity from 10 kg to 250 kg. Energy-saving and cost-saving dryer. Steam, Gas and electric heating system.

  • In the electric version, the heating elements are made of stainless steel.

  • Perforated stainless steel inner drum.

  • Double thermic insulation.

  • Cardan shaft and belt drive system

  • Cleaning of lint filters scheduled before the start of each cycle.

  • Computerised time and heat management.

  • PLC-controlled 7″ colour TDC700 touchscreen display.

  • Manual and authomatic control system.

  • Manual Interference During The Process.

  • Two-way rotation

  • Cooling system.

  • Height-adjustable support feet for protection against moisture and water.

  • Newly designed stainless steel door and hinge.

  • Programs and parameters transfer by means of USB.

  • Reporting of consumptions and operating times.

  • Operation, tracking and control via remote access.

  • 100 available programs (10 preset)

  • Drying time and cooling settings.

  • Temperature and humidity settings.

  • Tracking and alarm records.