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The first diathermic oil mangle with Reverse double chests compact machine capable of drying, ironing, folding, counter-folding and stacking up to 350 kg of flat linen in one hour, with an average consumption of 10m³ of gas.

  • MEGGY brings together a high-performance strip ironer and a longitudinal and transverse folding system in a single block-a small size.

  • A space of about 18m² is sufficient, in addition to the necessary steps required by current safety laws.

  • Thanks to an original and Patented system, the linen is ironed in the two sides achieving a higher ironing quality than other similar machines on the market adopting the old system.

  • Ironing takes place between a combination of Polyester and Aramid tapes that drag the linen and keep it snug between the chest. This allows for optimal quality ironing of the linen while preserving the fabrics from mechanical stress.

  • The transfer of linens between the first and second chest occurs naturally without the aid of ribbons or anything else.

  • The ironing surface, where the laundry comes into contact is 2000mm, for a useful ironing width 3500mm.

  • Another peculiarity of Meggy is the uniformity of heating over the entire drafting surface and the constant maintenance of temperature, all thanks to the special geometry of the chests and diathermic oil heating that is circulated inside the conch cavity ducts.

  • The baskets, a key part of the ironing process, are made of 8mm-thick steel plate with special insulation that prevents heat loss, achieving a considerable reduction in energy consumption.

  • Boiler, pump, and oil system are integrated into the structure, so that the space of the boiler room with its associated installation costs are eliminated.


  • The Control System is a brand new generation PLC very simple in use. Machining programs can be created and modified and adjustments can be easily made via the keyboard, whenever the operator sees the need. Programmable microprocessor electronic control provides maximum feedback for constant and perfect adaptation to the specific needs of the user.

  • Meggy adopts the teleassistance system. This enables a real-time support, with the ability to update or create new programs, as well as control, setting and update from remote terminal.


  • Traditional industrial-type bending system operating on one, two and three ways.

  • One central route: 1-2-3 longitudinal folds and 1-2-3 transverse folds.

  • Two independent side ways: 1-2-3 longitudinal folds and 1-2-3 transverse folds.

  • Three lines: 1-2-3 longitudinal folds.

  • Partial and total by-pass system.



Self-drying ironers with belt ironing system and rotating roller. Roller diameter from 320mm up to 1200mm. Ironing width from 1800mm up to 3000mm.

  • Electric, steam and gas heating.

  • VELA ironing machine dries and irons flat linen of different sizes, from napkins to sheets.

  • Its ribbons ironing system allows optimal ironing quality of linen while preserving fabrics from mechanical stresses.

  • Ideal for being placed upstream of a bending line.

  • Automatic ironing speed control.

  • Automatic cooling of the ironing roller.

  • Touch-screen panel with self-diagnostic notifications.

  • Work programs with fully customizable parameters.

  • Linen outlet from the front side (standard) and rear side (optional).



Compact ribbons ironer with built-in folding machine.

  • GOLD is an extremely versatile and multifunctional machine with reduced overall dimensions. It can achieve an output of up to 200 kg/h.

  • Thanks to its GOLD allows to insert, iron, fold and stack very large pieces of laundry such as sheets even with one operator. Upon request, it can be equipped with a built-in gripper introducer.

  • GOLD is a drying ironer with strip ironing system, with built-in longitudinal and transverse folding machine.

  • It ensures a high degree of efficiency and excellent finishing quality due to a combined roller and motorized belt ironing system. This allows the linen to preserve the fabrics from mechanical stress.

  • GOLD is able to operate indistinctly on one or two lanes.

  • On the center lane, garments with sizes over 1600mm can be folded; on the two side lanes that operate independently of each other, garments with sizes over 900mm up to 1500mm can be folded.

  • Roller diameter: 800 mm.

  • Ironing width: 3300 mm.

  • Electric, steam and gas heating

  • Maximum output up to 200 kg/h

  • Adjustable ironing speed up to 18 m/min.

  • Automatic control of ironing speed as roller temperature changes.

  • Automatic cooling of the ironing roller.

  • One or two lanes.

  • One lane: 1-2 longitudinal folds and 3 cross folds.

  • Two indipendent lanes: 1-2 longitudinal folds and 2 cross folds.

  • Longitudinal and cross folds obtained by air blasts.

  • Smoke extraction system with automatic fan cleaning.

  • Work programs with fully customizable parameters.

  • Upon request, it is possible to choose the side and direction of stacker belt exit and the number of garments to be stacked.