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Compact folding machine for medium and large-sized pieces.

  • SILVER is a folder designed and developed to fold flat linen of all sizes, from tablecloths to sheets.

  • This versatile and highly useful machine is normally placed at the end of an ironing line, and thanks to its optional accessories, the operator can customize the folding cycle to suit different needs.

  • Its high-performance flexibility and excellent finishing quality represent its strongest points.

  • Longitudinal folds are obtained by means of air blasts.

  • Cross folds are obtained by means of blades that allow the perfect linen insertion.

  • SILVER transmission takes place trough the use of rubber belts. This system makes the folder very quiet and easy to maintain.


  • Width: 3000/3300 mm.

  • From one to four lanes.

  • Up to 3 longitudinal folds and 3 cross folds in one single lane.

  • Up to 3 longitudinal folds and 2 cross folds in two lanes.

  • Equipped with a touch-screen panel with self-diagnostic notifications.

  • Work programs with fully customizable parameters.

  • Work programs with fully customizable parameters.

  • Side stacker. It is possible to choose the side and direction of stacker belt exit and the number of garments to be stacked.




Folder machine for terry cloth. Folding capacity for pieces with measurements 1200mm x 2000mm.

  • Folding capacity 800-1.250 (pz/h)

  • 64(m/min) operating speed

  • VIRGO towel-folding machine is ideal for folding terry cloth garments and the like.

  • Equipped with a properly conveyed air blow system, it can fold garments of different sizes from small utility towels to bath towels.

  • VIRGO is able todetect the different sizes and measurements of the pieces the operator inserts and carry out the folding process as such.

  • Height-adjustable introduction table.

  • Conveyors for garment collection divided into 4 sections.

  • PLC controlled full colorful 7” Touchscreen Panel.

  • Reporting of consumptions, performances and operating times




Folding machine for small pieces with maximum dimensions of 550×1000 mm.

  • It is a brand new folding machine which allows a high output combined with great qualitative standards and low management costs.

  • NICKEL production level achieves a maximum o 1500 pieces per hour with a degree of realiability.

  • Linen can be inserted both manually by the operator and automatically just placing the pieces at the end of the ironer or folder for bigger ones.

  • NICKEL comes standard with the pieces search device which allows to detect the size of the garment.


  • NICKEL is equipped with a PLC control system of the latest generation developed by Camila, by means of which it is possible to create and modify up to 20 customized programs and easily carry out adjustments by the keyboard when required by the operator.

  • If electronic problems occur, a remote control system can be applied to create an online link between Camila and the operator with the advantage of receiving real-time support and the possibility to update or create new programs.