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High-speed washing machine with load capacity from 10Kg up to 110 Kg.

This machine is really easy to install and ensures minimum space and maximum performance. All-stainless steel exterior structure.

  • Stainless Steel Inner and Outer Drum.
  • Single Motor Drive with Inverter Frequency Control.
  • Free Standing. No Fixings On The Ground with Developed Springs and Shock Absorbers
  • Main frame in aluminum PLC Controlled Full Colorful 7” Touchscreen Panel.
  • Recipe preparation, upload/download, recipe transfer to desired machines, updates of parameters or versions by remote access thru ethernet (Option).
  • Reporting of consumptions and operating times.
  • Programming in simple basic or professional mode .
  • Adjustable Drum Speed.
  • Adjustable spin speed (Low-Medium-High-Superior)
  • Adjustable water temperature.
  • Adjustable water level (Low-Medium-High or water counter option)
  • Adjustable Washing Time.
  • Manual Interference During The Process.
  • Manual Operating Of Each Step.
  • Reporting of consumptions and operating times: water, steam, electricity and chemical products usage.



Washer technical information

NDUSTRIAL TYPE COLUMN WASHER AND DRYER, designed to offer a combined washer-dryer machine with a vertical configuration. Totally independent pace-saving, it can be installed on any floor and at any level.

  • Drum volume: 100 lt.
  • Loading capacity: 10 kg/batch.
  • Maximum extraction: 940 rpm (300 G).
  • Microprocessor control unit.
  • Touch screen control panel TWC 500.
  • Electric heating.
  • Viton seals.

Dryer technical information

  • Drum Volume: 200 lt.
  • Loading capacity: 10 kg.
  • Touch screen control panel TDC 500.
  • Chest inverter.
  • Cooling.
  • Belt and pulley drive with gearbox.
  • Stainless Steel Inner and Outer Drum.
  • Single motor drive with independent inverter frequency control.
  • ST-37 steel counterweight system.
  • Aluminium main hoop system.
  • 100 programs (13 fix and re-programmable 99 steps each).
  • Manual intervention during the process.
  • Manual operation of each phase.
  • Disconnection of the last 30 errors.



Unique SMARTEX MIRACLE high-speed washing machine. World’s most advanced washing technology and world’s most economical washing systems. Load capacity from 60 kg up to 340 kg.

  • Thanks to the patented POLYRIB ECO drum, the life of fabrics is extended by 45%.

  • No more creases, abrasion or undesired effects with the help of multiple ribs and no more damages or harms on delicates.

  • Reduced water consumption by 35-40% due to the absence of water between inner and outer drum, less than 50 % of steam consumption, less chemicals and waste water.

  • Less energy consumption with smaller motors

  • Forward tilt system for unloading.

  • Stainless steel front cover plate, and use of 316 stainless steel for parts in contact with chemicals.

  • All-pneumatic control system, no hydraulic systems.

  • Special separate sealed bearing system.

  • Front loading door with automatic closing and safety lock.


  • Remote access recipe preparation, upload &download, recipe transfer to desired machines and software updates via remote access thru ethernet.

  • Reporting performance and maintenance reporting ability consumptions of water, steam, electricity, chemicals etc along with productivity.

  • Steam or Gas heating.


Norma 20-60-90-2


Barrier washer for hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities.

  • These barrier washers are “embedded” in a physical wall separating the loading and unloading side.
  • This setup ensures an optimal hygiene avoiding as well the contact between clean and disinfected and dirty linen.
  • Front cover plate and parts in contact with chemicals made of 316 stainless steel.
  • Internal and external drum in stainless 316.
  • Loading capacity: 20-40-60-135-225 kg.
  • Inverter-controlled motor drive.
  • Electronic control system SC monitored by PLC.
  • 100 independent programs (un to 100 programming steps each).
  • Constant water level measurement.
  • 5 electrically controlled internal chemical entry compartments.
  • 2 water inlet control (hot/cold).
  • Special separate sealed bearing system.
  • Viton seals around the shaft.
  • Loading frontal door equipped with authmatic closing and safety lock.
  • Front panel bumper bar.
  • Programs and settings transfer by USB.
  • Programming, upload/download, program transfer to the desired machines.
  • Settings or remote versions access update by ethernet.